In July I held my first creative workshop in Colorado, USA. I can’t wait to do it again! During a couple of joyful hours of creation, we took a closer look at what creativity means to us, and what’s stopping us from having full access to it.

We painted a large art piece together and then everyone got to create two paintings on their own. All attendants were happy, satisfied and surprised that they hade created over their own expectations.

creative workshop

Here is what one of them had to say about the class:

“I had no idea how much my world of creativity would open up by taking a creative class with Katarina Nilsson. What I learned in the class was a total sense of joy of creation. Who would have known creation could continue to expand even when you feel stuck? By choosing this class, I discovered that I can paint AND that it’s actually fun to paint, especially through Katarina’s presence and facilitation!
I am now taking what I learned in the class and having way too much fun applying it to the creation of my life and business. I’m no longer judging what I’m creating. Thank you Katarina for showing me this beautiful and expansive way to create!”