Get Inspired – Take a Creative Workshop

We all have creativity within us that’s craving to come out. Unfortunately, we also have boundaries that hold us back. A big part of my art mission is to help others to let go of these obstacles and get full access to their creativity. Are you ready to find your creative flow?

Are you looking for inspiration to paint again?
Would you like to explore different creative process steps in art?
Do you believe creativity exercises can be a key to happiness?

In that case a creative workshop might be something for you.

Give Yourself Time to Develop Your Creativity

My lectures on art and art workshops vary in theme and form but creativity is always the foundation. During a creativity class I provide you with certain tools to open your mind for new possibilities. My creative workshops do not only benefit your imagination and your sense for creation, you will also get aha-experiences that might change the way you look at everything from your daily life to your business.

“What I didn’t know before I walked into this workshop with Katarina was that I’m actually quite a brilliant painter and that painting and adding this element of art and creativity to my life actually expanded my business in dynamic ways. I was able to use this canvas as a place to play and create and then what happened was that joy of playing and creating expanded into my entire world and actually grew my business just by my very choice of being in her workshop. So thank you very much Katarina!”
Maggie Schlarb

We chat, have lots of fun and most importantly – we create!
Let’s see where art can take us next.

Are you interested in a creative workshop?

creative classes, lectures and workshops
creative classes, lectures and workshops