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Katarina Nilsson, photographer: Rickard Liljeroos

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Radio Show: Monetizing Your Creativity, with guest Katarina Nilsson

Aired Monday, 20 February 2017, 4:00 PM ET Monetizing Your Creativity Join Katarina Nilsson and Lisa Murray for a conversation that can change your entire creative reality. We are artists, creative entrepreneurs and international facilitators of creative magic in life...

Article: How a creative soul will increase your sales

Do you have a creative job or a special commitment that requires great ideas on a regular basis? Sometimes, working around the clock is the only way to make it on time. But wouldn’t you agree that your very best creations often appear when you’re not pulling hair over...

Article: Naming Entrepreneur, Artist and Super Mom, Katarina Nilsson

Katarina Nilsson is interviewed in Chic Galleria Publications about her life as Naming entrepreneur, Artist, and Super Mom, and how she manage to fit all the pieces together. Katarina’s schedule is always full. She’s currently traveling the world, both as a lecturer...