We all have creativity inside of us. And when we learn to throw the wills and wants of others out the window and stop limiting ourselves, creation will be so much more rewarding. That’s why, in my workshops, we practice the art of free-flowing creativity.

So, what’s a Creative Flow Workshop really like? Well, since the whole point is to let our creativity take us places unknown, each one is different from the other. Here’s what happened last time:



I recently had the privilege of holding a Creative Flow Workshop for a fabulous group of art school teachers. From the moment they entered the room, there was a sense they were all totally in their element. Upon their arrival, I had a large canvas set in order for them to embark on a group collaboration piece together. They went straight to work with a tranquil enthusiasm.



To see a group free-style a piece of art with no verbalised purpose or intention was surely thrilling. It seemed they were particularly grateful for the fact that I did not give them a specified task or objective to complete. As they moved on from the large canvas, these amazing creators set-off and allowed their own personal creations come to fruition. It was just, wow!



To see all the amazing and varied ideas come to form was simply spectacular. Apart from being super inspiring, the group also proved to be something like little fairies when it came to cleaning up. I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to work with this lovely group of women.



Witnessing art come together before your eyes is always a beautiful experience. But not only does it lighten up your world, it also inspires you to do and explore more and let all that creation become a stepping stone for new adventures.

Let’s boost our creative energy together in the most fun and fearless way possible!