Creative Coaching

Do You Have Creative Flow?
Then Monetize Your Art!

The book of unwritten art rules is long and boring. Since the age of cave paintings we’ve been taught that the worst thing an artist can do is make some money. The glorified notion of the starving artist who suffers through each creative process is well rooted within our minds. I would like to change that. Let’s get more out of our creation!

As a complement to my own abstract artwork and my different art lectures and creative workshops, I also offer creative coaching to help you look at art and business from a whole new perspective.

Coaching is not just a hobby of mine. I have an ICF diploma and have helped many groups and individuals to expand their businesses, eliminate obstacles and make positive changes in their life.

“How do I make the most out of my creative process?”

Very often, it’s all about cleansing your mind from whatever’s holding you back and learn how to go with your gut feeling. It’s said that approximately 90 % of our best decisions in life comes from our gut, so the sooner you learn how to trust it, the more you’ll benefit.

Would you like access to your knowing and the tools to go out of your head and truly develop your creativity? Once you’ve gotten rid of all obstacles and feel your creative flow, you’re ready to monetize your art.

Why limit yourself when you can have the better of two worlds? Make the most of your creativity!

Are you interested in a creative coaching session?

creative coaching with Katarina Nilsson
creative coaching with Katarina Nilsson