Katarina Nilsson Artwork Blog

Creating Business Beyond This Reality

Looking for inspiration to start creating more freely in your life and business? Buy this book featuring yours truly!  Finding the one thing in life that you would do no matter what, is the key to having joy in business. For me, art was that special thing. When I...

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Colossal Format in Future Smithy at Österlen

A 700 square metres architect-designed house with a gigantic creation space tucked in the beech forest at Österlen in Skåne. A 275 square metres big workshop with 8 metres to the ceiling, formerly used as a smithy. At this special place, Katarina Nilsson was...

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Take a Look Inside My Creative Workshop

In July I held my first creative workshop in Colorado, USA. I can’t wait to do it again! During a couple of joyful hours of creation, we took a closer look at what creativity means to us, and what’s stopping us from having full access to it. We painted a large art...

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