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Katarina Nilsson Artwork: Bull's eye
Katarina Nilsson Artwork: All of Life
Katarina Nilsson Artwork: Thoughtful is a mouthful

Enjoy creation!

Are you looking to rent or buy art?
Would you like to take part in a workshop to boost your creative flow?
Do you need some coaching to find new perspective on your creation and business?

You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Katarina Nilsson and this is my creative online studio space. You’re more than welcome to take a tour through my colourful gallery. I specialize in acrylic abstract painting and all my work is both for rent and for sale.

Apart from being an artist I’m also a coach with an ICF diploma and run classes on business and creativity. I see creative flow as a way to make positive change in business and in life in general. The notion that you shouldn’t monetize art is getting old – I focus on the road ahead and would love to help you develop your artistry and make money from it.

Katarina Nilsson Artwork - Abstract Artwork, Creative Workshops & Coaching

My Art & Services

Are you ready for new points of view through creativity exercises?
Would you like to rent or buy art to liven up your home or office?
Read more about my abstract art, lectures and creative workshops by clicking the links below.

Buy and Rent Art

Rent or buy art? Consider the different alternatives. One thing is for sure – the world would be a dull place without art and creation.
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Creative Classes

Find your creative flow by taking a creativity class. Let’s see where art can take us next.
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Creative Coaching

How do I make the most out of my creative process? Let’s find the answer in a coaching session for you or your whole company.
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News from the Studio

Creation Free of Hesitation – Join the Adventure of Art

Creation Free of Hesitation – Join the Adventure of Art

We all have creativity inside of us. And when we learn to throw the wills and wants of
others out the window and stop limiting ourselves, creation will be so much more
rewarding. That’s why, in my workshops, we practice the art of free-flowing creativity.

Creating Business Beyond This Reality

Creating Business Beyond This Reality

Looking for inspiration to start creating more freely in your life and business? Buy this book featuring yours truly!  Finding the one thing in life that you would do no matter what, is the key to having joy in business. For me, art was that special thing. When I...

Radio Show: Monetizing Your Creativity, with guest Katarina Nilsson

Radio Show: Monetizing Your Creativity, with guest Katarina Nilsson

Aired Monday, 20 February 2017, 4:00 PM ET Monetizing Your Creativity Join Katarina Nilsson and Lisa Murray for a conversation that can change your entire creative reality. We are artists, creative entrepreneurs and international facilitators of creative magic in life...

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