It aches my heart to see a country falling to pieces, families being broken up and people fleeing in agony with a few necessities in a suitcase. UNHCR estimates that 16 Million people will need contribution the coming months. The refugee crisis is the most fast growing since World War 2.

I have been asking myself what contribution I can be. I have donated warm clothes, boots, shoes, pillows, blankets and toys and now what?

What else can I contribute with?

Now it’s money that is needed – for food and hygiene packages to families who no longer have a home, support to the hospitals in Ukraine and money for restoration of schools so the kids can continue learning.

Did you know that 370 SEK is enough for an emergency package that saves lives? This spring I sell paintings and donate 30% of the price to UNHCR. I wonder how many emergency packages we can come up to?

Would you like to buy a painting or spread the word to somebody who might like a colourful painting and contribute to Ukraine at the same time?

Join in and contribute to the Ukrainians in a way that is easy and light for you! <3

With gratitude for you. /Katarina


PS. For each sold painting I send 30% of the price directly to UNHCR and the buyer gets a screen shot to see that the gift has been sent in.