Joy of Business

Aired Monday, 20 February 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Monetizing Your Creativity

Join Katarina Nilsson and Lisa Murray for a conversation that can change your entire creative reality. We are artists, creative entrepreneurs and international facilitators of creative magic in life and business. What if you CAN create far beyond your wildest dreams?

“When you let more creativity into your life and business, it has instant impact and just keeps delivering.” Katarina Nilsson

Are you not creating enough? Are not creative enough? Or are you creating way too much to fit in so you make yourself hide from the world? If those are points of view you have about you it’s very likely that you don’t make the money you could be making. You may have heard that money follows joy? Well, why don’t we just do more of what we love?

Join Katarina and Lisa for a conversation around creation & money. What if it’s easier than you think to start monetizing your creativity?

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