A 700 square metres architect-designed house with a gigantic creation space tucked in the beech forest at Österlen in Skåne. A 275 square metres big workshop with 8 metres to the ceiling, formerly used as a smithy. At this special place, Katarina Nilsson was commissioned to paint a mural co-lossal to give life and inspiration for others to create in the workshop.

“I knew that a large, beautiful painting in this large room would be the beginning of a new era, something that would give life and new opportunities,” Says Nina Anderson, owner of Framtidssmedjan (which means smithy of the future).

For Katarina, the assignment was pure joy.

“To paint these large formats is a challenge I really love! And painting directly on the wooden wall was very special. It’s exciting to climb around on a ladder, paint with the biggest tools and just be in the painting without seeing the whole thing,” she explains.

A big difference from painting on canvas is that the wood sucks an enormous amount of color. And a large painting requires that you occasionally back away quite far from it to get perspective and decide what is the next step is.

“I walked by and watched as the painting emerged. Katarina was totally in her own world and no one who wanted to disturb her. It was exciting to see the painting grow and I’m really pleased with the result!” says Nina Anderson.

The painting measures 3.90 x 2.60 meters and is now completely finished.

“I’m so glad that the painting is in place! It’s really inspiring and now I’m working on the rest of the interior. It works to have a colorful painting around, ” Nina concludes happily.