Coaching session – 30 minutes

1.250,00 kr Inc. VAT

How do I make the most out of my creative process?

Very often, it’s all about cleansing your mind from whatever’s holding you back and learn how to go with your gut feeling. It’s said that approximately 90 % of our best decisions in life comes from our gut, so the sooner you learn how to trust it, the more you’ll benefit.

Would you like access to your knowing and the tools to go out of your head and truly develop your creativity? Once you’ve gotten rid of all obstacles and feel your creative flow, you’re ready to monetize your art.


Make Creativity and Creation Your Business

When I don’t paint, I enjoy helping others to see the many opportunities of art in every possible form. A creative process is of course rewarding in itself, but why not make the most of your passion and talent? People do buy art, believe it or not, and what can be better than being able to make a living of what you love most in life…

To help you remove obstacles and change your points of view on art and business, I give inspiring lectures and lead a variety of creative workshops. For me, art is about constantly breaking new boundaries. One way is to admit that an artwork for sale doesn’t equal “sell-out”, “fake” or any other condescending word that’s simply just a bad excuse for not daring to try.

Let’s find the creative flow together and light up the planet with our artwork!