Katarina Nilsson’s Love Being moved in to Sirius Omsorg’s Stockholm office in August. They purchased the piece as a part of their redecoration project.

”We are quite busy with the daily operation, which we of course are very happy about. But when you are focused on your customers and deliveries it’s easy to forget what a big difference an aesthetically pleasing environment makes. It both motivates and enhances joy. I believe that people have more fun and do a better job in a workplace that looks nice.”

When furniture and other interior decor elements were moved around in the office one wall ended up being empty.

”Our conference room is an important place for our company. This is where we gather, and I instantly realized that we could use something colorful on the wall. When we looked through the different options Love Being was an obvious choice. The painting has the right energy and a motif that suits our business perfectly. Its shapes and colors fit perfectly with our brand identity”, says Nina Andersson at Sirius Omsorg.

Sirius Omsorg delivers transportation services of individuals according to procurement agreements with counties and public health service providers.

”We call what we do ’care transports’. To us it’s not just a matter of moving a person from one place to another. We want our services to be permeated by care for each individual. I believe that a nice work environment will inspire our employees to provide excellent service and it also serves as a daily reminder that what we do is important.”

"Love Being" at Sirius Omsorg

About “Love Being”

Katarina Nilsson started painting Love Being during one of the wonderful weekends that she has spent at Skaparladan in the Stockholm archipelago. From the beginning she intended to work with the color red, but it turned into a painting in pink with elements of primarily purple and yellow.

Love Being is an acrylic on cotton canvas and the dimensions are 141×133 cm.

”The painting has a number of words written on it. I used a red relief color and played with the words be, love and brave. Love being can be seen both as a verb as well as a noun, Be loving, brave being, brave love. The are so many versions and variants that all have such diverse meanings. And different to all of us”, says Katarina.

"Love Being" at Sirius Omsorg